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French frigate La Renommée 1774

100 euro

A set of 32 drawings in scale 1:48, 1: 120, 1:84 includes:

• theory

• section, front and back view

• shafni, bulges, construction of the transom, frame, waterline

• pictures of each frame

• deck plans and stronghold

• interior

• side view, finish

• spire, boats, anchors, steering wheel, steering wheel, cannons, lantern, galley

• masts and yards

• boy putensy, mars, ezelgofty

• sails (scale 1: 120)

• ship under sail (scale 1:84)

La Renommée was built in 1744 in Brest under the direction of Blaise Ollivier. La Renommée also built Francois Claire-Deslaurier as a young builder and subcontractor. The frigate had the following characteristics:

Length 40,495 m

Width-10.725 m

Retention depth -4.908 m

Crew - 209 people.

He was armed with a battery deck, and 4 4-pounders on the poop. In his book, Jean-Boudriot chose La Renommée, among others. This criterion for this choice was quite complete. The Renommée served in the French Royal Navy until 1747. It was taken on a ship of 50 guns. The Renommee was built in 1744 in accordance with the concept of the shipmaster Blaise Olivier. The monograph of the French fleet and all shipbuilders. In the case of the hull shell, it can be carried out. If you want to put on a sailboat underneath all the sails. Information from this monograph allows you to make any option. You can perform a ship with interiors, and you can according to the classical scheme. The monograph was a significant experience. It was confirmed that it was confirmed that it had been a model of rare quality.



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