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French frigate La Vénus 1782

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La Venus frigate belonged to the main caliber of its guns to the class of 18-pound frigates. It was conceived and designed by engineer Sane and built in Brest in 1782. It became one of the prototypes of 143 such frigates, which were built at all shipyards in France and continental Europe, beginning in the 1780s and up to the destruction of the French empire, Napoleon. The 18-pound frigates of engineer Sane have achieved outstanding success during their long lives. The last of them, built at the end of the Napoleon era (1813), was in the fleet lists until 1850.

In this book, Jean Boudriot, the world's best specialist in the French sailing fleet, offers information and documents on the frigate La Venus. The study was facilitated by the presence of relevant documents in the French and British archives, as well as archives of other countries occupied during the time of Napoleon. In these archives information was stored on the frigates, which in their careers made something outstanding. Although the fate of the frigate La Venus itself was quite peaceful and not militant. Before the frigate completely disappeared during the hurricane on December 31, 1788, its captain, who was the captain of Le Coureur during the famous battle of La Belle Poule, made voyages to explore the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

Like all books of ANCRE publishing house, originally published in French, it was translated into English and is now being published in its complete set: the actual 50-page book and separately, the best of all, we have seen, drawings on sheets of large (up to a meter) format. This makes it possible to place the drawings on the desktop, which is impossible in cases where the drawings are made in one piece with the book. In addition, the binding of the book does not affect its effect.

A set of 13 superb 1:48 scale drawings includes:

• theory

• cross-section, front and rear views

• shafni, gaspits, transom design, frames, water lines

• deck and bulwark plans

• side view, copper plating

• spire, boats, anchors, steering wheel, cannons, lantern, galley

• masts and yards

• guy-putenses, mars, ezelgofty

• sails rigging


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