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French schooner La Jacinthe, 1825.

50 euro

French schooner La Jacinthe, 1825. A set of drawings of five sheets at a scale of 1:48.

This monograph is intended for those who want to make a truly accurate and accurate model of a sailboat armed with two guns, but does not have enough experience to take on a large model. To do this, the book includes a description (with photos) of the main methods of building ship models and attached five separate large sheets of excellent drawings, where each planking board and decks are drawn. This monograph can be considered as an introduction to the art of ship modeling.

Creating its sophisticated underwater contours and lightweight rigging, experienced ship modelers will find an interest in the elegance of this little schooner. They will find the contours of La Jacinthe (Hyacinth) quite attractive.

Those readers who are more keen on marine archeology will find in this monograph by Jean Boudriot a necessary addition to other ships, such as brigs, cutters and luggers. Technical and historical conclusions on this type of sailing ships are confirmed by engravings.

A set of five excellent drawings, as always, on a scale of 1:48 (even a sheet, where the schooner under full sail is given in this single scale) includes:

• theory, patterns of frames, design of the transom and the bow

• side, top, front, rear views

• sections

• drawings of the spars, boats, anchors, steering

• rigging and sails


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