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Frigate HMS Enterprise

The famous Russian master Alexei Baranov built a model of the English frigate HMS Enterprise 1774 on a scale of 1:36 in the Gregorian style.

HMS Enterprise (1774) - 28-gun frigate of the English royal fleet. Although Enterprise gave its name to the whole type of Williams 28-gun frigate, it was ordered not the first, but the fourth, and so it appears in the lists. The first 5 ships designed by John Williams from 1770 (approved on January 3, 1771), as well as 3 ships of the Slade type Mermaid, were built in response to the Falklands crisis. Two were built under the contract, and three at the royal shipyards of imported oak. These three were ordered a little later, after January 12, by the new administration of Lord Sandwich, hence the reordering of the list. The first two were ordered on Christmas Day 1770. On the same day, two 50-gun ships and five 32-gun frigates were ordered. Enterprise ordered in January 1771. Laid September 9, 1771. Launched in August 24, 1774 at the Royal Shipyard in Deptford. He was being built from April to June 20, 1775, equipped for overseas service. From 1779 - was at the beginning of the siege of Gibraltar. The military service of the frigate began and lasted until 1798. The ship participated in the American and French Revolutionary Wars. In August 1807, dismantled in Deptford.


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