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HMS Enterprise (1774)

50 euros

HMS Enterprise (1774) A set of drawings of 20 sheets on a scale of 1:96, 1:48, 1:24. Drawings are available on digital and paper media.HMS Enterprise gave the name to the whole type of 28-gun frigates Williams, he was ordered not the first, but the fourth, and therefore it appears in the lists. The first 5 ships, designed by John Williams since 1770 (approved January 3, 1771), as well as 3 ships of the Mermaid type by captain Thomas Slade, were built in response to the Falkland crisis. Two frigates were built under the contract, and three in the royal shipyards of imported oak. The company was ordered in January 1771. Laid September 9, 1771. Launched on August 24, 1774 at the Royal Shipyard in Deptford. It was completed from April to June 20, 1775, equipped for service abroad, participated in the American and French revolutionary, Napoleonic wars. In August 1807 it was dismantled at Deptford.

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