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The French brig Le Cygne, 1806.

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French brig Le Cygne, 1806. Set of nineteen drawings at a scale of 1:48

This monograph tells about the type of ships of the imperial fleet. The construction of the ship Le Cygne (Swan) began in April 1806, and ended in September of the same year. The Swan was one of the most typical brigs. The armament of the ship consisted of two 8-pound cannons and fourteen 24-pound carronades. The length was 27.5 meters, width - 8 meters, draft - about 4 meters.

The beautiful model of this ship is kept in the Maritime Museum of Paris, which allowed the authors of the book to illustrate their work with many bright and visual details. Moreover, the authors had at their disposal an entire scattering of the surviving drawings of the hull, deck superstructures and rigging. The reports of Captain Trobriand helped to restore the history of the ship (albeit short).

The information provided in this book will help the shipbuilder not only build Le Cygne, but also another ship of the same type.

A set of 19 drawings in 1:48 scale includes:

1. Theoretical drawing.

2. Body shape, plating scheme.

3. The design of the stern and stern galleries.

4. The design of the latrine.

5. Plans for the location of frames with a view from the bow and stern.

6. Plans for the location of the frames with the view from the bow and stern with the skin.

7. Scheme of copper plating, view of the bow of the ship.

8. Drawing deck - view from the stern.

9. Drawings of the hull, longitudinal sections.

10. Details of equipment.

11. Boats.

12. Artillery, parts steering.

13. Anchors.

14. Elements of the mast, detailed view of the range.

15. Equipment of masts.

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